Chinese+ Art Class (K-5)
at Aina Haina Elementary 

Chinese+ Art After-School Program by Wenli Studio will provide a fun, safe, and enriching learning environment for kids from K-5 to develop Chinese understanding in their early stages of life.

Keiki will learn about simplified Chinese characters and cultural knowledge; have fun with art and calligraphy; Storytellers of Chinese folktales; and so much more!

Learning a language through creative and engaging group activities will improve students' learning interests and motives.




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谢谢!Mahalo for registering for the class!

Class Offering
1/09/2023-5/15/2023, 15 Lessons both Mondays, and Fridays at Rm C13

*Classes excluding school holidays, check the calendar to keep updated.

* Two-hour in advance for these Early Dismissal Days.